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OOO To The Extreme!

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05/09/2012 04:50 PM

Last entry (I had a busy April), we discussed what I termed "Opening Offer Operation".  Essentially this is how you determine if you or the other party makes the opening offer.  To further the options in opening offer decision making, this entry will discuss "Extreme" offers.

An "Extreme" opening offer is one that is to the outer edge of what would be considered in the "Credible Zone", brushing right next to the "Insult Zone".  An extreme offer is one that has some rationale to support it, though it is often a stretch.    A careful tightrope act comes into play if you want to use an extreme offer and have it not be an insult.  So by extreme, we don't mean LOUD amped up volume "WHOOO", in your FACE, energy drinking, and five-foot stand up hair (:E  

So how do you make the Extreme Offer work?  Make it "soft" and be willing to concede more quickly than with a reasonable offer.

Soft Offer: by soft we mean an offer you really are not stuck on receiving.  You make the offer with the intent to move away from it.  Likely the offer is the end or out of your zone of agreement.  A soft offer can also be how you phrase it.  For example, a soft offer would be "What do you think about paying $50 for a candy bar" (A "hard" offer by contrast looks like "$5 for this candy bar, take it or leave it").  When making an extreme offer soft, it does not have to always be communicated to the other side that it is soft (e.g. you do not have to always use the phrasing just mentioned, "I have this candy bar for $50").

Quick Concessions:   In making the extreme, soft offer, your next counter-offer is going to come faster and farther than it would if the offer was in the Reasonable Zone.  To successfully do this, you must monitor the response of the other party and anticipate your concessions.  Monitoring the other party's response means that you are paying more attention to every detail of their response, not merely what you think it represents as their position.  Internalize what it means as to how they interpret your position and gleam for information.  Second, anticipate the possibility of making substantial concessions quicker and plan a way to do it without losing credibility.

So back to Joe and Betty for illustration, YEAH!.  

Betty: "What do you think about paying $50 for this candy bar?"

Joe: "Whoa, that is crazy, it would have to have gold flecks or be 10 feet long!"

Betty: "Good point.  Well it doesn't have gold flecks.  I have this candy bar that is bigger and more delicious than most, I can sell it to you for $5".

In this example, Betty starts with the outrageous $50.  She monitors Joe's response, he mentions what he would pay more for in a candy bar (gold flecks or bigger size) and then Betty uses that in making a large $45 concession.

To conclude, in using an extreme opening offer, make is soft and make your concessions/counter offers quicker and farther than you normally would.  Have a story about extreme offers that worked or not?  Please share by leaving a comment.

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